Many of you wonderful people ask just what "Kitsch" is. Here is a fine definition.

kiCH/ : art, objects, or design considered to be in poor taste because of excessive garishness or sentimentality, but sometimes appreciated in an ironic or knowing way.

Sounds accurate on our accord! However, we like to add records into the mix, as well as a few tapes, cds, and 8 tracks. We like things that were built to last, made well, and with good intentions. By that standard, the world offers numerous, and sometimes an unimaginable amount of undiscovered items waiting for you here at The Kitsch!

We are open six days a week.

[ Monday-Friday 11a-6p ]
[ Saturday 12p-5p ]

Electric Kitsch
917 Washington Ave
Bay City, MI

We also perform numerous repairs on guitars, and other stringed instruments such banjos, mandolins, violins. etc...  

We sell top, name brand strings such as Ernie Ball, D'Addario, DR, Martin, Elixer, and more.

We service amplifiers ranging from guitar tube amps, solid state amplification, as well as receivers like Marantz, Pioneer, Sansui, etc... as well as turntables, MOST makes and models.

Chirs Balagna, our resident tech, and all around TUBE FREAK, has been servicing, and building electronic equipment for 30+ years. His knowledge in the tube field is really next to none. 

We have in stock vast quantiites of parts, tubes (NOS), knobs, switches, you name it. We are happy to answer any of your questions!
jessica - owner
jordan - owner
jessica enjoys going to the laundromat and petting cats. 

puzzled, bearded man that searches endlessly (some say wandering aimlessly,). I didn't say for what I was searching, just that I was in fact... searching. the vegan cave-man half to jess mcq, jordan christopher. "jordan" comes from Hebrew, meaning " to flow down upon". i like my name.
the "tubefreak", chris balagna - repair technician
to call chris a "conundrum" would be justice on both his behalf, and the word itself. It is a word of "unknown origin". And what better way to describe our in-house repair technician. chris is one of the last of his kind. people older than him are retiring, or passing on, and younger people who are trying to get into the trade are realizing the repair market is a DYING MARKET. sooner than later parts will no longer be available... for nearly everthing manufactured. only the manufacturer will have access to these parts. items that simply go from working to broken will remain that way, they will simply replace the item. 

chris is one of a VERY few people who will ever perform this kind of work on this planet, EVER AGAIN. there is no longer training for this work, because it is obsolete. currently there are only technicians in this field, and NO TEACHERS. chris' knowledge of amplifiers, electronics, circuits, and electricity itself is almost unfathomable, and he still considers himself a student. such a time to be in, such a place. for those of us who love playing, listening, and feeling music. to the former pioneers, current builders and suppliers, and TECHNICIANS making it possible to listen to our favorite records, or see our favorite artists, thank you. we need tesla now.